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ANDY.Before.AfterAndy, a super sweet deaf white boxer rescued from South Arkansas came from a shelter where he was crated in a back room and deemed “unadoptable.” Scheduled for euthanasia, shelter workers fought hard to save him. Andy was covered in sores, skin infection, and ring worm from head to feet. Heartworm positive and undernourished, Andy had a long road to recovery, but an amazing family and their 2 female boxers welcomed him with open arms in 2013.

APOLLO.Before.AfterApollo came to us by from a family unable to provide the time, attention and medical care he needed. A handsome, energetic and happy boy, Apollo had a huge dermoid cyst right between his eyes. His surgery was complex due to the size and location of the cyst but successful nonetheless! A caring “Apollo Fan” from upper state NY followed Apollo on FB from day one, and soon he was transported to NY to his forever home. He has been the apple of Lori’s eye since 2012.

BAXTER.Before.AfterBaxter was picked up by animal control but never claimed by his owners. Scrawny and underweight, Baxter had low energy when he first arrived to the rescue ranch. TLC, lessons on manners and lots of nourishment brought out the best in this fun-loving clown, and before long his energetic, loving personality emerged. He was adopted by an active couple and adored by them since 2011.


BERT.Before.AfterBert was owner surrendered by a family whose child was very sick and frequently brought to Children’s Hospital and unable to provide the time and attention he deserved. Bert truly mourned the loss of his family for several weeks, but soon his gentle, intelligent, comical, happy-go-lucky, people loving side emerged. He was adopted a few months later and has been the family’s beloved pet since 2012.



Chance, one of 25+ dogs taken from an animal hoarder’s home, lived her young life entangled in multi-dog chains unable to get to the food or filthy water bucket left out for them. Completely untrained, frightened, ematiated and wild but gentle, BR-NWA brought her into a foster home that worked diligently housetraining, socializing, and providing the love, care and nourishment that helped her become “adoption ready.” She has been loved by a caring family since 2012.

CHARLIE-BROWN.Before.AfterCharlie Brown began his life of neglect chained to the side of a house without shelter and often without water. The abusers let Charlie off the chain to roam after complaints from neighbors brought animal abuse officers into the picture. Frightened of humans, confused, and afraid of his own shadow (literally), Charlie lived a life of hiding, scavenging, and staying as far away from humans as possible. During a snow storm in January 2013, Charlie was hit by a car. Witnesses saw him run off yelping in pain with right leg dragging. Townspeople tried to catch the frightened, elusive young boxer, and it took 10 days before a tenacious good citizen finally found the shivering, starving, dying boxer and carried him to her own home. She contacted BR-NWA who arranged with St. Francis Animal Hospital to provide emergency care. Charlie needed vitamins, antibiotics and nourishment through an IV for several days to survive amputation surgery of his right hind leg. Given post operative care by the Champagne family, he had no choice but to trust them for sustenance and survival. Soon Charlie formed his first human bond, but it took nearly six months before Charlie trusted others. His sensitive, but happy-go-lucky spirit won out, and though still timid, he welcomes strangers to the rescue ranch without hiding. He is a permanent resident of Boxer Rescue NWA, and a new fur member of the Champagne’s family.

DOZER.Before.AfterDozer, a handsome male boxer who had a strong will to live was found by caring people who heard a dog whimpering in the woods. Left for dead with a bullet wound to his back, Dozer was unable to move to save himself. Outstanding veterinary and rescue care gave him a second chance at life, and other than a bullet wound scar on his back and a permanent limp to prove his story of survival, he made a full recovery and was adopted by a family that has loved him since 2012.

DUKE.Before.AfterDuke has an amazing story of “community effort.” Several good citizens who were strangers to one another worked together to get this boxer off the highway and into safety. Local shelters were notified, but Duke, suffering from a huge oral tumor, was never claimed. The tumor forced his bottom tooth to lay into the inside of his mouth making it difficult to eat. Facebook fans rallied together to donate funds for surgery, and Duke made a full recovery. He was soon adopted by an amazing family with teen children and is beloved by his family.

IZZY.Before.AfterIzzy & Oscar were a male/female pair that were tied by their leashes to the side of a restaurant in NWA and left behind by their owners. It took several hours before customers realized that these dogs were, in fact, abandoned. Reports were filed with local shelters. They were not microchipped and never claimed by their owner.  Sadly, poor young Izzy had just whelped that day, but we never found nor learned what become of her puppies. Confused, in pain and needing to nurse, Izzy was one VERY troubled, hurting young momma in search of her newborn pups. St. Francis Animal Hospital fostered and cared for Izzy during her recovery and spay surgery.

Oscar was brought into foster at the Champagne’s rescue ranch. He was mournful, confused, and looking for Izzy for several days, but he adjusted quickly to his new environment and got along well with the family’s two boxers.  Fortunately for both Izzy and Oscar, each was adopted in 2012 into families that adore them, and both adjusted beautifully as their new families’ beloved pets.

MALLY.Before.AfterMally was an abused young boxer who was used in a puppy mill. When she was rescued, she was truly at death’s door bleeding and left outside to die with a prolapsed uterus. Brought into the Champagne’s home as a foster, Mally had a long road to recovery. She had to wear “Depends” for several months, needed house training, and soaked up all the TLC she possibly could during her recovery.  A super high energy boxer, Mally won the heart of everyone she met with her pure, people adoring temperament. She was transported to her new forever home in Florida where she joined her new family and white boxer fur siblings . She is fully recovered and lives a life LOVED by her human family.

JAKE.Before.AfterJake was the unfortunate victim of a town with NO funds for an animal shelter. The animal control officer did all he could to preserve the dogs’ lives and kept them all in a small outdoor space that had over 20 dogs sharing only 4 small doghouses in the dead of winter. It was January when the decision was made to euthanize all 20+ dogs. A small group of caring citizens worked day and night to find these dogs a home; they emailed every known rescue in Arkansas begging them to help spare these innocent dogs’ lives.  Jake was taken to Boxer Rescue of NWA. He had an aggravated yeast infection, skin infection, eye and ear infections, was not neutered and had a severe case of kennel cough. It took months to clear up all his ailments, but while he healed at the rescue ranch, Jeanne and Dennis saw that he was an amazing, super loving, easy-going, intelligent boxer who LOVED food, a soft bed and belly rubs. Jake was adopted the first time in 2011, but two years later, his family was transferred to Hawaii and unable to take him, so Jake returned in 2013 the same sweet, affectionate, friendly, kid-loving, cat tolerant boxer that left. We loved having him back, only this time, he was one really chubby boy who was now on a diet. Jake joined his fur sister Callie Haven (another boxer rescued from BR-NWAA) and was adopted into a perfect, loving home where he will remain the rest of his life.

PENNY.Before.AfterPenny was fostered through BoxAR Rescue; she was ridden with intestinal parasites, fleas, non-contagious mange and had a severe eye infection. This one year old fawn boxer wore the look of neglect! A diet of good food, antibiotic for infection, treatment for worms and demodectic mange, flea prevention, several good scrubbing baths, and lots of brushing brought this girl to better health within a month. She was adopted by a loving family and has been with them since 2011!


RUFUS.Before.AfterRufus had a sad but true story of survival when his family moved away leaving him chained to the side of the house. On her way to classes, a college student saw this boxer tied in the front yard daily, but on one particular day, she noticed a moving van outside the house. A few days later, the house looked empty, but the dog was still there! The boxer seemed to beg for help near his empty water bowl. She called animal control, but the message stated they were closed until Monday. Living on the second floor of an apartment, she simply wasn’t prepared to take in an abandoned dog. However, she couldn’t just leave him there! Her landlord gave her permission to keep the dog on the balcony for the night, so she brought “Rufus” into the house and onto the balcony and left to make a quick run to the store for dog food. When she returned, tenant gathered around Rufus’s as he lay unconscious on the concrete 30 feet below the balcony. He woke up dazed and in pain, and neighbors helped carry him into her house. Early the next morning, the student drove Rufus to the shelter, but before she had even stopped the car he jumped out in panic onto his injured leg yelping in pain as he landed. Rufus suffered a severely broken left front leg, and amputation was a grave possibility. Rufus came to Boxer Rescue to heal and find a new home, and in spite of abandonment from his owners, a 30’ fall from a balcony, jumping from the car onto his injured leg, and multiple surgeries to save it, Rufus’ made a complete recovery!  He was adopted several months later and is the absolute beloved apple of his family’s eye!

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