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quotes-ownersurrenderAbout Our Owner Surrender Program

Maybe there was a time when bringing a boxer into your home and family was a great idea, the perfect timing, a wonderful thing and never in your wildest dreams would you have even considered surrendering him.

Maybe your life took a wild turn, you lost your job or your health; you face divorce or foreclosure. Perhaps your job is moving you to another country or a location that doesn’t allow dogs, or you are forced to move in with family who don’t want your boxer, too. Maybe you feel you can’t afford to keep a dog any longer.

Maybe you find you don’t have the time you used to have and you think your dog is better off with a family that has more time, or maybe there’s a new baby on the way and you can’t figure out how to juggle an ornery boxer and a new baby. Or maybe your boxer is getting into trouble, chewing things, or making a mess you have tired of cleaning and you don’t know how to train him.

Maybe you “bit off more than you could chew” and this boxer now seems like a nuisance, a burden, a wrecking ball. Maybe you lost your patience or found that you never really had it to begin with and raising an energetic boxer is costing you more than you’re willing to pay.  Is your view to “get rid of” your dog?

For whatever reason you’ve decided to surrender your dog, he remains your responsibility and is dependent on you to provide his needs until a safe alternative is found.

No matter what circumstances lead you to the decision to surrender your boxer, he deserves a fair chance for a good future and a loving forever home. Boxer Rescue of NWA wants to discuss your reasons for surrendering; we will make suggestions and give you tips that might help you in your decision to surrender.

We also want to interview you. Why must you surrender? Is there something we can do to help you decide to keep your boxer in his loving home? Do you really HAVE to surrender, or is there a good alternative? Are you “forced” to surrender due to circumstances, or do you want to “get rid of him?” Are we dealing with a “people” issue or a “dog” issue?

Boxer Rescue of NWA wants to help you with your decision to do the right thing, and we are here for boxers and their families in NWA and close surrounding areas.  We are limited to a distinct geographical location, although we do work with shelters and other rescues throughout the State of Arkansas.

Before we make the decision to bring your dog into rescue, he needs to be evaluated by one of our volunteers. We will inquire if your boxer is current on vaccines, neutered or spayed, has any health issues, and if you boxer has or has ever had human aggression and if he is other-dog friendly.

We must have an appropriate foster home available and funds to bring in another boxer, but we are committed to working with you for the best interest of the boxer you have considered surrendering. We are glad you contacted this rescue.

Please note that although we are a “no kill” rescue group, we do not knowingly rescue any dog that has a history of human aggression or biting. We have zero tolerance for human aggressive dogs and are forced to put them to sleep if they are surrendered to us and this behavior exhibits itself to those entrusted to care for them. From a legal and a conscience standpoint, we cannot subject humans to potential harm in our rescue work.


Tips for Surrendering Your Boxer

If you must surrender your boxer:

  • Complete an Owner Surrender Agreement
  • Send any and all medications he has been on and explain what they are and why he’s taking them
  • Send all vetting records, proof of neuter/spay and vaccines (ask your vet to email to INFO@BoxerRescueNWA.org)
  • Send him with any favorite blanket, toys, or items he likes if applicable
  • Send any food he has been eating so that we can transition his diet over a period of several days
  • If you have provided full proof of vetting, please bathe your boxer so that he can enter his foster home clean.
  • If you boxer is not fully vetted, he will begin his journey with us at the vet for spay/neuter, vaccines and grooming. You will be asked to contribute to his vetting expenses.

Click here for Owner Surrender Agreement

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